Special Treatment For Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction.

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Improve the sex duration surprisingly.

Improve Capacity to satisfy your partner.

Cure Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction. 

ideal 6-7 inch length

1 Month Supply.




Special treatment course which regain your lost health power and youthfulness!

Health is about environment you live in and the mind is the environment of the body. Quantum healing is new method of healing; your mind can heal you.

“Health is in mind and fitness is in the muscle.”

In special course there are lots of effective herbs those cannot be explained in details. By describing few herbs which are important medicine that will help you to regain your lost man power again. Medicine which we used in most of our special courses we use of gold ashes, saffron, amber, aqarqarah, musli safaid, mastagi rumi & asgandh and many more national & international herbs. In our special course a man can regained back his lost power and health soon.
This special treatment has been prepared for such individuals who has lost their sexual power by their own ignorance including such unnatural activities as masturbation,excessive sex etc. It may also be due to old age or any mental or nervous disease. We keep in mind while preparing the medicine, all the plight of such persons. That not only restores the normal functions of the vital organs like heart, brain and liver but also activates the sluggish body functions. After using this medicine you will get back of your youthfulness. Sexual power is heightened to the extreme extent. Once again you recall the pleasant memories one you had when you was young. Having used this medicine as directed both the partners will enjoy the sex again to the maximum time.


(1) Special Majoon: 5 – 10 gm in the morning empty stomach with milk .

(2) 10 PM Touch UP Herbal capsule: 1 capsule after 2 hours of your dinner when your meal is digested.

(3) Relax-on Churn: 1 – 3 gm churn after lunch & dinner or as required with lukewarm 1 glass of water.

(4) OHHO X-Force tila oil: take 8 – 10 Drops of herbal medicated oil and massage on entire penis leaving the cap area with soft hand till oil is observed into the skin.

Note:- During the massage absolute purity of thought is essential.