Night Emission


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30 Capsules.



Men’s Choice Herbal Capsule For Night emission / Nightfall and Herbal Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction!

Night emission or Nightfall and Herbal Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction are very common problem in younger age. As many people are suffering from this problem. This is happened when a person asleep in which the man see dream and genitalia express discharge of liquid (semen). It is well known as a ”swapandosha”. In fact nightfall is a part of the natural bodily processes. Young boy in the age from 17 to 25 years are affect adversely with this condition.

Excessive alcohol intake and tobacco use can develop impotence symptoms including erectile dysfunction problems.
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Men today suffers from Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction. When a man cannot sustain his erection long and firm enough to give satisfaction, he might be suffering from Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction. This also comes with the decreased desire to engage in sexual activities. In short, sexual weakness is a problem where men lose their organ erection due to pre term ejaculation or lessened sexual desire.

What are the main causes behind nightfall or night emission? 

Masturbation is one of the big reasons for nightfall. In Indian society we people do have lack of sex education and negligence on the part of parents is some of the other causes for this condition. We have been targeted by western culture and easy access to pornography. This is also a reason among in young children. In growing age men also notice some hormonal changes. As soon as he comes in bad company he also learns bad activity like to masturbate without knowing its bad results. And this bad habit takes their sperms production and ejaculation becomes regular. Many times they may have sexually explicit dreams and becomes habitual of unreal enjoyment to masturbate. Some time they imagine bad things and spoil their health. Unknowingly they do it so regularly and become thin by this practice. When they go toilet and found themselves constipated than they put pressure for toilet and than white drops come out and that is not good sign at all.

What Does Unani / Ayurveda Says about night emission?

According to the unani / Ayurvedic the male genitalia secretes semen due to many reasons. Some of reasons are dependent on their diet what type of food they consume every day. They also feel visual satisfaction and sexual desire which evoked by stimulation. Unani doctors also come to know that many diet and life style may be responsible for night fall. Over exposure to women body and tension, increased sexual drives, stress and sexual relation at much younger are also key sharing factors. Unani medicine only can help with night fall treatment to a large extent.

Symptoms of Nightfall!

The problem of night fall may even prevent growth. The symptoms of night falls are many and some of the most persistent symptoms of this disease include pain in body especially in joints, lack of concentration, anemia, and pain in the testicles, fatigue, constipation and dullness as well. If you are suffering with night fall problems you will not have sound sleep and your sleep cycles may be disrupted. You will also feel weakness and hair loss problems.

Unani Treatment for Nightfall or night emission!

If you want proper night fall treatment you should have healthy body and mind. First of all you should have self discipline and then start night fall medication on daily basis. Second you should improve diet. The nutritious diet and healthy living can control the problem. This type of medication will help you to restore the nutrition and strength lost due to the night emission. Men’s Choice is the herbal preparation to get rid of the night emission and increase strength and vitality and will also help you to get back to you normal life. Make some life style changes, practicing relaxing techniques such as medication.

So what is the alternative treatment?

Ayurveda and Unani herbal treatment are the best night emission treatment. its not only prevent semen discharge while you are sleeping but also take care of your sexual problems without any side effect. This course is recommended for three months for the best results. While using it for recommended periods will not only help with your night emission problem but will also increase volume of semen and its quality. it will also help you to remove sexually explicit thoughts that are the right cause of night emission.


1 or 2 Capsules per day after one hour of the dinner or as directed by physician.