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Male Enhancement, Premature Ejaculation,

Low Libido, Night Emission.

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Get Male Enhancement Herbal Treatment with 10PM Touch Up Extra Power Capsule!

It was commonly believed for many years that male sexual dysfunction was only psychological disorder and that can be cured with psychiatrists. Now we came to know through the studies that male sexual dysfunction is caused by only physical disorder which are like – erectile dysfunction, orgasmic disorder, premature ejaculation and Lack of libido. Now people are also trying Male Enhancement Pills for penis enlargement by using herbal medicine.For men who have been suffering from a small organ size or a low sex drive, 10PM Touch Up Herbal Capsule can full fill your wishes. It does not only increase your organ size but also increase your sex strength to unbelievable proportions.

Does 10PM Touch Up herbal capsule work in male enhancement?

Yes it does. If you are having low libido &  poor male enhancement then you must try this product as it is a herbal  and safe medicine.  It also works in  premature ejaculation, low libido and sexual stamina. It gets firmer erections, and more pleasure.  It has been trusted by over many peoples and continues to be one of the most praised products for male enhancement in the market. It works for erectile dysfunction too. Rahat Herbal Care has been widely popular in recent year for 10PM Touch Up Herbal Capsule is the perfect choice for the men who have seen their libido lowered and wants to please their partner.

 Among reported benefits users and clinical trials mention- increased erections, improved libido, and better orgasms leading to enhanced satisfaction. If you have stamina issues or want to last a little longer with a rock hard erections, you can try our 10PM Touch Up herbal capsule which has been shown to produce amazing results. It is our advice not to use extender device which is very harm full.

Does small penis matter for a lady?

It depends on a lady satisfaction.  If she is not satisfy with her partner size then it is a big issue in her life. Sometime it also ruin married life. Lots of men think that if they were just ONE or TWO inches bigger, or if they had more girth, they would be able to satisfy their partner. It is not virtually possible to make these dreams into a reality without our herbal support of 10 PM Touch Up capsule. It is possible to achieve a bigger, thicker organ that will make satisfy to your partner every time.

We recommend 10PM Touch Up herbal capsule for those who are not satisfied with their penis size. If you use our product you will not only feel energetic but also feel enlargement in your organ. It’s also beneficial in premature ejaculation, male enhancement, and erectile dysfunctions, improve male stamina, boost libido and power rejuvenator.

Give her your best performance!

What is 10PM Touch Up Capsule?

It is herbal unani medicine which works in male enhancement. It is revitalizing,energizing,rejuvenating safe unani herbal capsule.

What does 10PM Touch Up  Capsule contain?

An ideal composition of 18 herbal medicine ,exclusive unani/ ayurvedic indian( (herbs & shrubs) as well as international medicine.

How does 10PM Touch Up  Capsule work?

10PM TOUCH UP CAPSULE works on restoring much needed vitality & self confidence with consistency in your day today activities. you could embark upon renewed journey of lasting happiness.

For how long is the course duration of 10PM Touch Up  Capsule?

10PM Touch Up Herbal capsule has been proved very power full in male enhancement. It has shown results from 3rd to 4th day used. Their results are varying from individuals to individuals. This is herbal medicine. It can be taken one month to three months for permanent results. For the best results it can also be used regularly without any side effect.

Can diabetic patient use 10PM Touch Up herbal capsule?

Yes why not, they can also use it. It can also take care of their poor erection and no interest in sex, premature ejaculation, spongy penis and weak sex. Our medicine is the best working medicine in these problem. 10PM Touch Up herbal capsule is a boon for those couples who were not satisfied with their partner performance due to this problem. It has shown tremendous success in their married life and changed their hell life into happy married life.

Can I make sex during the treatment?

Yes of course! you can make sex regularly even many times in a day or night . It will also increase your libido and will give you hard erections and long time stay in during sexual activities.It also cure premature ejaculation.

While using 10PM Touch Up Herbal Capsule,is any precaution to be taken?

Yes you have to avoid alcohols, smoking and sour things during your treatment. (sour things like- lemon and pickles).In Hindi-(khatti cheezey)If you can maintain distance from above mentioned things during your treatment than it will help you in getting the best result of the medicines.


1 Capsule with milk or water after two hours of Dinner or as directed by the physician along with the regular diet and exercise.

If you have poor result than have 2 capsules with milk. Drink plenty of water during the day to avoid dehydration.


  1. This remedy should not be consumed on an empty stomach while your food got digested.
  2. The remedy is for patients above the age of 18 years. Keep it away from young children.

Have a good and healthy health. Our best wishes always remains with you