The World of medicine is getting initiated towards unani/Ayurveda according to the demand of human health. Rahat Herbal Care is a company which is nourishing the theme by the range of herbal products. The year of the establishment is 2014 and from the beginning year the founder Mr. P. A. KHAN is trying to multiply the number of products beside uniform quality parameters.

We are reputed MANUFACTURER & SELLER OF HERBAL MEDICINES, involved in supplying Herbal Products which are made from different plants and herbs. We have been providing the highest quality herbal products from the unique blend of ancient system of Indian medicine. All our products have manufactured certifications with registered office of Director Unani Services (AYUSH) Lucknow (India). We are also having import & export code.

Mr. P.A.KHAN is also the founder member of UDMA (Unani Drugs Manufacturer Association) & a member of A.I.U.T.C (All India Unani Tibbi Congress).


In herbal treatment we try to find the underlying cause of an illness rather than treat the individual symptoms. We believe that the use of herbal products can help the body to heal itself by restoring harmony and balance and activating the body’s ‘life force’.

We believe in the key principle of herbal medicine. Herbal product remedies are extracted from leaves, petals and roots of plants and are a complex mixture of lots of different compounds. While a conventional pharmaceutical will usually be a single active ingredient, the idea of herbal products explains that the hundreds if not thousands of constituents of a plant extract all work together to treat an illness.

Ayurveda is a subject which treats the mind body and soul from within and it will reflect automatically on the individual when he is cleansed internally. Rahat Herbal Care provides medicine that would detoxify all system cure most of the chronic ailments as well as help in the upkeep of the physical self.

Rahat Herbal Care is serving the people for many years. This organization is one of those in which herbal medicines are prepared and advised to patients after a scientific research. People belonging to various fields took benefit from this organization, such as doctors, professors, traders, government servants, etc. Professors & Doctors used to refer their patients of impotence, sexual weakness and male & female infertility cases with great confidence.

Rahat Herbal Care has been working towards creating, researching and developing Ayurvedic as well as herbal products to help us live a healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to set highest standards of customer satisfaction, product development, manufacturing, delivery, and in all other domains of our business and be the industry leader globally. We assure the purity, consistent composition and quality of all our finished products.


In addition to our commitment to quality and excellence we aim to make distinctive lasting, substantial contribution to the national, Regional and global health by building a company which promotes core values that can make global impact in providing health care to suffering humanity.